Acer® Nitro XV340CKPbmiipphzx 34in Gaming Monitor

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You’ve got your beast of a gaming rig all set up and ready to go. Well, you’ll want an amazing monitor to go with – like this Acer Nitro model. It’s massive. 34-inches and ultra-wide massive. That means you’ll have a big, sweeping view of every battlefield and dungeon – perfect for scoping out secrets or catching someone trying to sneak up on you. The response time and refresh rate are both really fast too, so even when there’s a lot happening on screen, it’ll look incredibly smooth. Plus, there’s some clever built-in tech that teams up with your graphics card to get rid of any stuttering and blurring. It’s awesome.

Key Features

  • UWQHD - outstanding ultra-widescreen picture quality
  • Rapid 1 millisecond response time for smooth visuals
  • HDMI port - connect your external devices
  • Super-quick refresh rate of 144Hz
  • Clever technology minimises image stuttering