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Beko KDC653W 60cm Double Oven Electric Cooker

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Perfect for your everyday needs, this electric cooker's features a fan main oven and conventional top oven with grill, offering great cooking flexibility. Thanks to its 4 Rapidlite zone hobs, your food will quickly reach its highest temperature, saving you time and money. For added ease, this model features our SimplySteam™ technology, which softens burnt-on food and grease to make cleaning easier.


We know cleaning your oven can be a chore. With SimplySteam™ your cooker will do the hard work for you. Simply pour some water into the tray and as the water evaporates it will soften the burnt-on food and grease in your oven, making it easier to clean.

LED Display

Precise cooking times can be achieved using the easy to use LED Display.

Ceramic Hob

If you'd like your pan to heat up faster, our ceramic hobs are made up of four Rapidlite zones that can quickly and efficiently reach their highest temperature. The smooth cooking surface is also easy to wipe clean after use, helping you to spend less time cleaning.

EAN: 5023790038799