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Beko MOC20100SFB Solo Microwave

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This microwave oven is packed with innovative features to help you save time in the kitchen. The compact size allows you to place your microwave anywhere in your kitchen, while still offering 20 litres of cooking capacity. So, whether you need to re-heat leftovers or defrost your meal, preparing food is easy with this 700W model.

Compact Design

Taking up less space in your kitchen, the compact size allows you to place the microwave anywhere you like while still offering 20 litres of cooking capacity.

Manual Controls

Effortlessly cook your food and save time in the kitchen with the help of this easy-to-use microwave. Featuring manual controls, this appliance allows you to quickly select the perfect programme for your food, making cooking simple and fuss-free.

Adjustable Power Levels

Featuring 6 adjustable power levels, this stylish microwave is flexible to your specific needs. Whether you’re reheating leftovers for lunch, defrosting your dinner, or steaming vegetables, you’re sure to find the perfect power level for your food.


Perfect for days when you’re short on time, this stylish microwave allows you to defrost your food quickly and effortlessly thanks to the useful defrost function.