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Beko VCS5125AB Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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This bagless cylinder vacuum's HEPA13 filter keeps 99.97% of dust particles inside the vacuum, helping allergy and asthma sufferers rest easy. Featuring PerformCyclone™ technology, this powerful appliance delivers constant and high suction, collecting even the smallest dust particles. Thanks to its large 2.5L capacity, you'll be able to vacuum for longer without needing to empty the dust bin.

Large Capacity 2.5-litre

Our 2.5-litre capacity vacuum with powerful suction tackles cleaning jobs with ease and its HEPA filter traps 99.97% of dust which helps reduce allergens in the home.

Air-Driven Animal Turbo Brush

Perfect for animal-lovers, this powerful vacuum cleaner features an air-driven turbo brush that works wonders on sofas and carpets, acting as a magnet for pet hair, whilst also removing pet odours with ease.


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