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Black+Decker® GSL700-GB 7.2v Cordless Shear

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The Black & Decker GSL700-GB is a 7 V Shear and Shrubber combined as two tools in one. Powered by Lithium Ion battery technology, after 90 days of being idle the battery will still retain 80% of its charge, which means that the tool is always ready for use.

Some Key Applications

Versatile solution for trimming box hedges, small shrubs and lawn edges.

Intelligent Design

The GSL700-GB is two tools combined as one. When fitted with the hedge trimming blade this tool is ideal for trimming box hedges and small shrubs. The quick and easy interchangeable blade system allows the lawn edging blade to be fitted with ease.

Lithium Ion Battery Technology

The GSL700-GB is fitted with a 7 V Lithium Ion battery that retains 80% of its charge over 90 days whilst idle. When fully charged approximately 60 box hedges can be trimmed before the unit will need to be recharged. An integrated charging light is fitted to the tool to enable a quick view of the charging status. A docking station and separate charger are included for greater flexibility. The docking station can be mounted to the wall for the maximum convenience.


The Black & Decker GSL700 benefits from ergonomics, with its light weight and portability to its non slip rubberised handle this makes this an ideal addition to your range of garden maintenance tools.

Lithium Ion Batteries

The GSL700-GB is fitted with a 7 V Lithium Ion battery. Each battery is tested for moisture ingress to ensure there is no chance of them short circuiting, as well as going through drop and vibration tests to ensure their durability. Contained within the battery pack are electronics that protect the battery against overcharging, as well preventing the battery from self discharging if it gets too hot or very cold. Black & Decker Lithium Ion batteries are designed to be ready to use when you are as there is no self discharge, they are also very light to ensure that you don’t tire whilst completing that DIY Task.

Smaller/Lighter – Lithium Ion batteries have a higher energy density than NiCD / NIMH batteries. This means that for an equivalent capacity Lithium Ion batteries are smaller and lighter than conventional NiCD / NIMH batteries. So whether you are choosing cordless garden tools, power tools or cordless home cleaning the Lithium Ion batteries will guarantee that your tool is lighter and more compact ensuring there is less chance you will suffer from fatigue.

Slow Discharge – Lithium Batteries have a very slow discharge rate compared to NiCD/Nimh batteries. After 90 days without use a Lithium Ion battery will still retain 80% of its charge. In comparison a NiCD/Nimh battery will only have retained about 10% of its charge. This means that you will always be ready to complete that DIY task without having to wait for the battery to charge.

No Memory Effect– When using NiCD/Nimh batteries it is recommended to fully discharge the battery prior to recharging them, which is not always very practical. Lithium Ion batteries do not suffer from memory effect, therefore can be recharged at any time without the battery suffering from “memory effect”.

Cold Temperature – Nimh batteries will not work at temperatures approaching freezing. Black and Decker Lithium Ion batteries will work at these temperatures ensuring that you are able to get the “job” done.

Recyclable - Lithium Ion batteries contain metal elements that are not harmful to the environment compared to other battery technology. All Lithium Ion batteries can be recycled at your local recycling centre.