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Black+Decker® WDC115WA-GB Wet + Dry Handheld Vacuum

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The Black and Decker WDC115WA-GB Wet and Dry Handheld Vacuum is a compact vacuum with 2-in-1 functionality which allows you to pick up debris aswell as cleaning liquid spills.

As this cordless vacuum is lightweight and compact, you will have no issue cleaning up spillages in even the most awkward places. It has a handy run time of up to 9 minutes which gives you more than enough time to vacuum up any accidental spillages you make. The wide mouth ensures that you can easily pick up those larger pieces of debris like any cereal or dog food which may have been dropped. There is also a brush tool which is ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces such as things like lampshades or your blinds.

As this Black and Decker handheld vacuum has the ability to clean up liquid spillages it is the ideal companion for bathroom cleaning. The fully removable and washable bowl offers an impressive 385ml capacity which is plenty of room for those everyday spillages. You also get a squeegee accessory to help collect liquids.