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Bosch® EasyAquatak 110 Pressure Washer

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This compact high-pressure washer offers fast and effortless cleaning performance. The EasyAquatak 110 is easy to manoeuvre and store due to its compact design and accessory storage. With 110-bar cleaning power and a choice of Variable Fan Jet and Rotary Nozzles, cleaning cars, patios, and garden furniture is easy. Its 450-ml High-Pressure Detergent Nozzle reduces cleaning time by applying the soap quickly. Push-fit connections and in-use gun storage make cleaning simple.

Safe and convenient

In-use gun storage makes it possible to store the gun while using the high-pressure washer for safety and convenience.

Greater flexibility

Bosch High-Pressure Washers are capable of self-priming from an external water source, such as a rainwater tank or container. This gives increased flexibility and mobility of cleaning.

Compact design, easy-to-store

Lightweight design with accessory storage makes it easy to move between different cleaning areas. The high-pressure hose, gun, and detergent nozzle can be stored on the machine, perfect for storage in small homes.

For quick and easy set-up

Push-fit connections make set-up quick and easy. Hoses and nozzles simply click into place.

Easy-to-use – apply detergent quickly

Apply soap quickly with the 450-ml High-Pressure Detergent Nozzle. The lance connection makes cleaning cars and garden furniture simple.

Powerful options to tackle any job

A range of nozzles including the Rotary Nozzle and the Variable Fan Jet Nozzle tackle tough cleaning jobs from patios and pots to bikes, cars, and furniture.