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Bosch® EasySander 12 Cordless Multipad Sander

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Sand your tables, benches and more with the Bosch EasySander 12 Cordless Multi-pad Sander. Its compact, triangular design makes it ideal for small surfaces and tricky areas like corners and edges. And it's cordless, too – perfect for garden furniture or other outdoor jobs.

Use the sander on wood, metal or stone, and on varnished or painted surfaces. It automatically works harder when you apply more pressure, so you can make light work of whatever you're sanding.

It's easy to change the sandpaper, thanks to the hook-and-loop fastening system. And you can rotate each sheet to make sure every part is used.

Keep everything tidy with the included dust-extraction adapter. Simply connect it to your vacuum cleaner and you're ready to go.