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Bosch® PEX 300 AE Random Orbit Sander

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High-quality results can be easily achieved with the PEX 300 AE random orbit sander. The powerful 270 W motor is always ready for a challenge. Enjoy comfortable working in any orientation thanks to the lightweight design and low vibration. The operating speed can be set simply via electronic speed preselection to match the needs of each job and material. It is designed for completing medium-sized sanding and polishing on wooden, painted, varnished, and polished flat or curved surfaces, as well as on filler and plaster. The Microfilter dust box reduces dust.

Speed adjustments for various jobs

Electronic Speed Preselection enables setting a precise maximum speed limit to suit various materials and applications for consistently perfect results.

Smooth and easy work

Bosch Low Vibration is a shock-absorbing and vibration-dampening feature designed to reduce user fatigue for comfortable, smooth, and easy work in extensive or difficult applications.

Reduce dust for a cleaner working area

During sanding, dust is automatically drawn into the removable Microfilter dust box for a noticeably cleaner working area. The tool can also be attached to a vacuum cleaner.

Quick and easy sanding paper changes

With the hook-and-loop fastening system, the sanding paper can be removed and replaced quickly and easily. Simply pull off the old sanding paper and press the fresh sanding paper onto the sanding plate.

Quick and precise sanding paper mounting

The paper assistant applicator guides the sanding paper perfectly onto the sanding plate to prevent unnecessary sanding paper wear and workpiece damage.

For rapid work progress

High eccentricity provides faster work progress, by offering a larger, more complete coverage of the working area beneath the tool.

Superior grip for comfort and control

The softgrip zone provides comfortable tool handling and superior control, a useful feature in applications requiring extensive tool operation.