Bosch® PSM 200 AES Multi Sander

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Sanding on medium- and larger-sized flat surfaces, corners, and edges is effortless thanks to this powerful all-rounder. The PSM 200 AES has a triangular plate for work in tighter areas and a rectangular plate for larger-sized surfaces. Enjoy quick sanding attachment changes thanks to the SDS system. Electronic speed preselection enables the speed to be matched perfectly to the job and material. This multi-sander is suitable for work on wood, varnished and painted surfaces, metal, and can tackle projects on furniture, doors, frames, stairs, and flooring. The Microfilter System reduces dust.

Reduce dust for a cleaner working area

During sanding, dust is automatically drawn into the removable Microfilter dust box for a noticeably cleaner working area. The tool can also be attached to a vacuum cleaner.

Ideal for handling larger-sized flat surfaces

The interchangeable rectangular sanding plate (92 x 182 mm) is ideal for sanding larger-sized flat surfaces efficiently.

Quick and easy sanding paper changes

With the hook-and-loop fastening system, the sanding paper can be removed and replaced quickly and easily. Simply pull off the old sanding paper and press the fresh sanding paper onto the sanding plate.