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Bosch® Serie 4 PWP631BF1B Induction Hob

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Balancing easy maintenance with all the tools at your disposal to create gourmet greatness, this Bosch induction hob will help you fulfil your potential in the kitchen. Its simple heat controls take all the stress out of cooking, allowing you to tinker with recipes where necessary, and sit back and relax when cooking tried and tested favourites.

What's an induction hob?
Think of an induction hob as a more modern, efficient version of a ceramic hob. Cleverly generating heat using electromagnetic currents beneath the surface, the top only generates heat when pans come into direct contact of the specific cooking zone. You'll benefit from lower energy bills, more control over temperature when cooking, a safer kitchen and quicker clean-up afterwards.

TouchSelect: All at the touch of a button
With the TouchSelect control you can regulate the desired cooking zone easily. Simply select the power level you need. The additional functions QuickStart and ReStart make cooking even easier.

Cookings starts much faster
The QuickStart function detects where you have placed the pot and automatically displays the corresponding cooking zone on the control interface. You can get started straight away and select the desired cooking level for your pot without delay.

Boost your cooking
Sometimes you just need a little extra boost when cooking. The improved PowerBoost function in our induction hobs adds even more power to speed up the cooking process. For example, you can now boil 2 litres of water almost 50% faster as you would on conventional glass-ceramic hobs.

A hob fit for a pro
If you ever need more space for a long piece of cookware, such as a roasting dish, you can combine two individual cooking zones into one large zone with a combined heat level at the touch of a button with CombiZone.

Good to know
This hob is based on Multiplex technology and uses an intelligent power distribution. Therefore the hob is fully compatible with a standard 13A installation. It is not necessary to use neither fixed wiring nor 16A fuse for this plug & play hob.

  • Black ceramic glass base with bevelled front
  • 4 induction cooking zones
  • CombiZone: 2 cooking zones can be combined for large pans
  • Electronic touch controls
  • Digital display
  • Variable 17-stage power settings for each zone
  • Boost setting for all zones
  • Timer for all zones
  • QuickStart function
  • ReStart function
  • Automatic pan recognition
  • 2 stage residual heat indicator for each zone
  • Control panel lock
  • Automatic safety switch-off
  • Maximum power output: 3000W
  • Fitted with 13 amp UK plug