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Bosch® Serie 6 HBG5585S6B Electric Oven

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Roasted to the perfect point.

No matter if you are a fan of roast beef, medium, rare or well done: with the integrated meatprobe, meat dishes always turn out to the desired point as a sensor inside the meatprobe constantly measures the temperature at the core of the meat. As the meatprobe is connected to the oven, no manual regulation and interaction with the oven is needed. The oven gives an acoustic signal and switches off automatically as soon as the desired core temperature is reached. This results in a perfectly cooked meat dish that is hassle-free.

Bake evenly using up to three levels.

Now you can bake a batch of goodies, like cookies, on up to three levels simulaneously. The 3D Hotair fan distributes heat quickly and evenly throughout the interior. You can also cook two dishes at the same time, in one oven – so you can bake lasagne for tonight and muffins for tomorrow in one go, without mixing flavours.

Cook every dish to perfection.

Want perfectly cooked meals with minimal effort? Discover AutoPilot 30, a selection of 30 pre-programmed settings for different dishes. After placing a dish in the oven, select the suitable auto programme from the menu, enter the weight of the dish and press “Start”. AutoPilot does the rest. It determines the right cooking mode, temperature and cooking time, and even switches off when the dish is done. Now that’s delicious everyday cooking made easier.

Easy to use white LCD Display

LCD-display control, white: easy-to-use thanks to direct access to additional functions, temperature recommendation and temperature indication.

Pop-out controls: for an easy to clean oven fascia

Pop-out controls: for an easy to clean oven fascia

Oven cleaning made easy.

EcoClean Direct takes the effort out of oven cleaning. A special coating of microfine ceramic spheres on the oven walls and roof gently breaks down grease spatters while you roast or bake. Whenever you want to clean the oven, simply wipe the oven floor and the glass door. For optimum cleaning, simply activate the regeneration cycle from time to time. This long-lasting coating saves you time and energy.

Drop down door that opens and closes gently and quietly

Oven doors are now more convenient than ever: A special damping mechanism prevents oven doors from slamming shut. As you gently push the door shut, it stops just before closing and then shuts itself gently and quietly, thus guaranteeing a long life for both your oven and the oven door.

Easier handling of baking trays.

Classic shelf systems only offer up to three positions for telescopic rails. Bosch offers also level-independent telescopic rails. The rails can be added on all levels, including the grill level, making toasting more convenient. The rail is easy to clip on and remove.

Trends and advice in one place.

Keeping up to date with the latest in cooking takes time and effort. But with Home Connect, you can easily stay on top of your game. The app grants quick access to innovative cooking and food preparation techniques – directly on your smartphone or tablet. Taking your cooking skills to the next level has never been easier or more convenient.

Your appliance listens to you.

Thanks to partnering with Amazon Alexa, your oven can be controlled by voice as well. Please find out, if the relevant “Home Connect” skill within the Alexa app is available for your country & language. Activate the respective skill to establish the connection between Amazon Alexa and your home appliance.


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