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Bosch® Serie 6 PIV851FB1E Electric Induction Hob

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Top features: 

- Simple controls with DirectSelect

- Faster heating with induction cooking

- Bevelled edges for a stylish integrated design

- Automatic switch-off after cooking 

Simple controls

With DirectSelect you can easily control the cooking zones, the power and any other functions with your fingertips to receive the best cooking levels.

Faster heating

Enjoy using the induction surface to achieve precise cooking. It offers immediate heating and works with a low energy consumption and its even surface provides easy cleaning after ever use.

PowerBoost enables up to 50% more power for accelerated heat and for instant cooking, boiling and frying. Excellent for those who lead a busy lifestyle.

Bevelled edges

The hobs design features sloped edges at the front and sides of the appliance, perfectly crafted to be integrated into your stylish kitchen.

Automatic switch-off

Keep calm when cooking, as the hob will automatically switch-off the allocated zone after a set amount of time. An ideal setting for when you cannot hear the timers alarm and your food needs to come off the heat.