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Bosch® UniversalImpact 700 Hammer Drill Driver

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The multi-talented UniversalImpact 700 is the perfect impact drill for any task or project regardless of material. It has a keyless Press&Lock chuck for fast bit changes at the push of a button. It also features Bosch Speed Preselection that enables precise drill-speed preselection, consistently delivering the correct speed for each material. Ergonomically designed for easy handling, it is compact and, at only 1.7 kg, lightweight for comfortable work. It is capable of drilling depths of up to 14 mm in masonry and up to 30 mm in wood.

Adapts to specific material

With the application switch, the impact drill function can be switched off and thus enables material-appropriate working, e.g. drilling in tiles or wood without impact.

Double control and precision handling

The auxiliary handle fixes onto the tool through a fin and groove mechanism and is locked with a fixing bolt, ensuring a secure control for precision handling.

Switch to reverse drill spin direction

The forward/reverse switch enables changing the drill spin direction for both tightening and loosening screws.

Fingertip speed preselection and control

The Bosch Electronic Speed Control with Speed Pre-selection delivers power control through the trigger and enables pre-setting the correct drill-speed for the material.

Drill bit changes at the push of a button

The Press&Lock keyless chuck enables fast bit changes. Simply insert the drill bit into the chuck and lock the spindle with a push of the button.