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Bosch AdvancedRotak 36-650 Cordless Rotary Lawn Mower

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Leave all your cord extensions in your shed and cut your lawn with the AdvancedRotak 36-650 Cordless Rotary Lawn Mower. With battery life over 2 hours and 40 cm blade you can easily mow about 650 m² off a single charge.

With a powerful 36 V motor it glides over your lawn with ease, so you won't have hard time manoeuvring around your flower beds. And although powerful, it's built to dampen noise, going easy on your ears and neighbours.

You can adjust cut height with just couple button presses, choosing from seven different heights. And with grass combs you'll get clean and fast results along walls and edges.

The grass box fits up to 50 litres of grass, you won't need to empty it as often. Thanks to LeafCollect blade, you can also deal with fallen leaves. It will gather, shred, and distribute them into the grass bag, so you can get rid of everything in one go.

EAN: 4059952526881