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Braun® Serie 3 WK3110WH PurEase Jug Kettle

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Tea perfectly brewed. Morning made simple.

Excellent convenience

Easy-fill, easy-pour. With its extra large spout, you can quickly fill the Braun water kettle directly from the tap. The sleek, ergonomic handle makes lifting and pouring simple and safe for right- and lefthanders. The illuminated on/off switch is directly visible and easy to operate.

Big water window

One look is all it takes. The PurEase Water kettle is equipped with a big water level window, which lets you see exactly how much water you have left. The markings for both cups and litres are clear and easy to read, making simple and accurate filling possible - even for a single cup

Rapid boil system

Fast, easy and safe. Braun’s rapid boil system boils water in 45 seconds. Enjoy the unique combination of timeless Braun design and a high performance rapid boil system.

  • Unique 3-way protection system
  • Excellent convenience
  • Easy handling and cleaning
  • Power 3000w
  • Easy filling system
  • Large water window
  • Capacity 1.7L
  • Easy-to-read water level indicator
  • Anti-scale filter
  • Cord storage
  • Easy to clean
  • 360 degrees