Crux CRUX007 4 Slice Toaster


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People are particular about their toast, and that’s why CRUX’s 4-Slice Toaster is so particular about getting your favourite snack exactly right, whether you’re a fan of white bread, brown bread, gluten-free or bagels.


With four generously wide slots that easily accommodate bagels and crumpets, 6 browning settings and cancel and reheat functions, CRUX’s stainless steel toaster is a great grilling all-rounder. But what really sets it apart from the crowd is the gluten-free function, which offers a longer, slower toast that’s perfectly suited to the denser crumb of gluten-free bread.

High-lift Function

The loading lever on the side has a high-lift function that raises up smaller toastables like muffins and crumpets and makes them easy to remove, without any frustrating, fiddly fishing out.

Durable and Attractive

Made from robust, brushed stainless steel, it’s both beautiful and built to last. The dual loading levers both feature CRUX’s signature rose gold detailing, and either pair of slots can be used independently if you only need to toast one or two slices. If your toasting requirements are less, CRUX make a smaller 2-Slice version too.

Other Features


  • Anti-jam and auto shut-off.
  • LED indicator lights.
  • Removable crumb tray.

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