Spider-Man Venom Ooze 31.5cm Figure With Ooze-Slinging Action


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Alien ooze drips out of the mouth of the sinister symbiote – Venom! Enter the world of Maximum Venom with this 31.5cm Venom Ooze figure. When children put purple ooze in the back of the figure, it drips out of the mouth in a gross and sinister symbiote display. Then turn the knob on the figure’s back to flick its terrifying tongue envenomed with the evil stretchy spew before your eyes!

The figure features dark, villainous design inspired by the iconic supervillain from the Spider-Man animated series. Collect other Spider-Man Maximum Venom items to continue the adventure. Imagine vile villains and courageous heroes battling through the city in the world of Maximum Venom with Spider-Man Maximum Venom figures and role play items. Each sold separately. Subject to availability.

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