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Dualit® Espress-auto 4 in 1 Coffee & Tea Machine

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Dualit's Espress-auto Coffee and Tea Machine extracts the precise measure for the perfect espresso, dual serve espresso, lungo or cup of tea at the touch of a button. A new, dedicated tea function provides optimum brewing conditions for a deliciously flavoursome, hot cup of tea. Patented Pure Pour® delivers a smooth & consistent flow of espresso with a dense crema, whilst an adjustable frothing arm creates perfectly texturized milk for lattes and cappuccinos. With the Espresso-auto Coffee and Tea Machine you'll be making cafe-quality beverages in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Ultra Fast Heating

Whether you’re in a rush or simply want more time to enjoy your coffee, the 4 in 1 Espress-auto Coffee & Tea Machine has an ultrafast thermobloc heating system that heats water quickly on demand.

Multi-brew Machine