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Energizer 18v Cordless Hammer-Drill


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A powerful, high-impact tool, this top-spec cordless drill has been designed to penetrate concrete, stone, brick, masonry and similar hard materials with the utmost ease!

Supported by our advanced 18v lithium-ion battery-platform, the Energizer® 18v Cordless Hammer-Drill offers the sort of lengthy run-times and speedy charge-times that simply aren’t possible to achieve with now outdated ni-cad, and lead-acid, powered tools.

It’s equipped with an LED display that makes it easy to keep an eye on how much charge you’ve got left, and it combines two-speed gearing with 16 preset torque-settings to ensure it will prove impressively flexible in use.

Weighing a minimal 2.8kg and featuring our carefully considered ergonomics, the Energizer® 18v Cordless Hammer-Drill will prove comfortable and easy to handle for any operator.

Also featured are a handy belt-clip and a convenient self-holding chuck.- Chuck : 13 mm

A charger and two 2Ah batteries are included in the package.

  • A high-performance impact-drill capable of handling a variety of hard surfaces
  • New-generation Li-Ion battery-power - enjoy rapid charge-times and lengthy run-times
  • LED lamp illuminates the work-area
  • Multiple torque-settings and two-speed gearbox for enhanced versatility
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Belt-clip and self-holding chuck
Drill Type Hammer
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Battery Power 18v
Battery Capacity 2Ah
Battery Charge Indicator No
Battery Included Yes - 2
Charger Included Yes
Chuck Type Self-Holding - 13 mm
Torque Settings 15+1
Gears 2
Soft Grip Handle Yes
Built In Lamp Yes
Carry Case Included No

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