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Gigabyte Aorus AMP900 Extended Gaming Mouse Pad


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Key Features
  • Micro pattern ensures precise tracking
  • Desk-sized for maximal accommodation
  • Spill resistant
  • High-density rubber base


Never be frustrated by interference between the mouse pad and the keyboard. The desk-sized AMP900 mouse pad sets up a massive gaming/working surface to accommodate all your peripherals and desktop items in perfect harmony, along with a modern and minimalist look.

Smooth, Pixel-precise Tracking

The micro-pattern fabric surface ensures precise mouse tracking with a smooth glide anywhere on the pad, while maintaining a consistent accuracy even at the extreme dpi settings.

Extended Durability

Spilled liquid can easily be wiped off thanks to the pad’s spill-resistant surface.

Optimized 3mm Non-Slip Rubber Base

The high-density foamed rubberized base offers a strong, firm grip for uninterrupted gameplay, so the pad will not slide around during intensive gaming movements.


  • Surface
  • Materials
    Nature Rubber
  • Spill-resistant
  • Color

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