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Inspired by the Fortnite video game, the Jenga: Fortnite Edition game has players storming their Fortnite character up the tower, aiming to be the first one to get to the top. But watch out…if the tower falls on a player's turn, they'll crash out of the game. Spin the spinner to find out what the next move is: How many layers to climb, and which type of blocks to stack. It's a battle to the top as players move their own pegs up and their opponents' pegs down, all while trying not to make the tower crash. It's a great gaming experience for 2 – 4 fans of Fortnite and Jenga alike!

• The first player to insert their Fortnite character peg into one of the top holes in the tower wins.
• Artwork, themes, and characters inspired by the popular Fortnite online video game.
• Classic Jenga game you know and love, with a super fun twist.

• 1 x Spinner (with plastic arrow and base)
• 45 x Hardwood Jenga Blocks
• 4 x Character Pegs
• 1 x Stacking Sleeve
• 1 x Game Rules

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