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Hoover® H-FREE 500 Energy HF522BEN Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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The H-FREE 500 Energy is the lightest and most compact cordless vacuum in Hoover's range.

With performance and suction equivalent to that of a corded vacuum, the H-FREE 500 Energy is suitable for all floor types, perfect for any home and great for cleaning up after your pets.

H-FREE 500 Energy has an impressive 40 minutes run time off a single charge, and is incredibly agile, manoeuvrable and lightweight, weighing just 2.2kgs, meaning the whole home can be cleaned quickly and effortlessly.

There's also a second battery included, which means you could extend the cleaning time to an incredible 80 minutes. The brushless motor drives powerful suction, and the motorised brush head provides deeper cleaning when in Turbo Mode, removing embedded dirt and dust. The brush can also be easily removed for hassle free cleaning. H-FREE 500 Energy comes with a 3 in 1 tool for furniture and curtains, a built in crevice tool, built in LED lights and easily converts into a handheld cleaner, meaning the H-FREE 500 Energy can clean everywhere, even in those hard to reach places such as shelves and worktops.

Thanks to the the compact storage design, which reduces its height to just 69cm, H-FREE 500 is easy to store in the home too.

It's so good, H-FREE 500 has been endorsed by the Good Housekeeping Institutes (2020) and has won the Red Dot award for Product Design (2020).

  • Carpet Cleaner Weight: 0 - 5 kg
  • Depth: 195 MM
  • Height: 1079 MM
  • Width: 252 MM
  • Carpet Pickup: Y
  • Cordless: Y
  • Dust Collection: Bagless
  • Filter Type: Standard
  • Handheld: Y
  • Hardfloor Pickup: Y
  • Run Time (in hrs): 1.3
  • H-FREE 500 adapts effortlessly to clean your home from top to bottom, with 3 different ways to use: on floors, high reach, or as a handheld.
  • Ultra lightweight at under 1.7KG in handheld mode. Carry it around your home and use it to clean high ceilings and tight spaces effortlessly.
  • H-FREE 500 has a handy parking position mode which reduces its overall height to under 70cm : small enough to fit in a typical cupboard.
  • The Hoover Flat & Drive nozzle is able to swivel from side to side 180 degrees, enabling you to steer around objects such as table legs with ease.
  • H-FREE 500 has an integrated crevice tool, plus a 2in1 dusting/upholstery tool stored conveniently onboard, ready to use at any moment.