Hoover® CAD1700D Steam Capsule 0.7L Steam Cleaner

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The ultimate solution for deep cleaning your floors, this versatile Hoover Steam Capsule eliminates up to 99% of bacteria with no need for chemicals or detergents.

The multi-use floor nozzle allows you to mop hard floors, then covert instantly into a scrubbing brush for tough stains. You can even refresh your carpets by using the glider attachment. Electronic controls allow you to choose high power to make light work of the toughest cleaning tasks, or low power for up to 50 minutes of steaming time.

Once your home is sparkling clean, you can take advantage of the removable handle to clip it into the base and the steam cleaner will then be half the size, ideal for compact storage.

Features and benefits

  • Variable Power – Use the electronic controls for changing the steam temperature, from low steam ideal for soft wooden floors, to high steam for hard stone floors.
  • Up to 50 mins steam time – Use low power for maximised cleaning time.
  • Detergent free – The steam eliminates up to 99% of bacteria with no need for chemicals or detergents.
  • Double nozzle – Rectangular to clean large surfaces fast, and a triangular scrubbing brush for removing dirt in tight corners.
  • Compact storage – The handles removes to then be clipped into the base so its height is halved for easy storage.


  • Dimensions: H30.5cm x W117.6cm x D118.5cm
  • Guarantee: 1 year
  • Colour: Grey