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Hoover HLEV9LF 9kg Vented Freestanding Tumble Dryer

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The Hoover HLEV9LF 9kg Vented Tumble Dryer has been packed with features to ensure your clothes are dried to perfection whilst also being cared for during each cycle.

It features a Delay Start option which gives you the option of choosing when to start your drying cycle, you have the choice of 3,6 or 9 hours delay which allows you to run your tumble dryer around your life. This type of tumble dryer removes hot damp air from the machine and filters it outside via a hosepipe. So you will need to make sure there is a window nearby or an external vent.

This appliance comes with inbuilt sensors which will measure the moisture content of the load and will stop the cycle when the load is dry. This prevents the tumble dryer from wasting energy and over drying your clothes.

This model also features hoover One Touch technology which means your dryer can be customised as you wish, thanks to the NFC technology available on your smartphone. The association between your new dryer and your smartphone lets you discover a world full of extra contents. For example, you can set clever cycles in order to get excellent results, or you can let the dryer give you some advice on how to dry your laundry best.

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