Hotpoint® MWHF206B Extraspace Crisp 20L Microwave

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This model’s innovative flatbed design means there’s no turntable inside, giving you more room for bigger plates and bowls. It's genius Smart functions cater for any type of cooking, meaning this is the perfect microwave for anyone!

This model also comes with a grill, perfect for cooking oven-baked food. It also comes with Dynamic Crisp Technology.

The Crisp Plate and grill quickly reach the ideal temperature for browning and crisping, making food deliciously golden and crisp, even underneath. Its 20 litre capacity gives you more than enough room to prepare dishes for smaller households. 

The automatic programmes have pre-set times and temperatures, so you’ll always be guaranteed perfect results. Once you’ve finished mastering your recipes, the Automatic-cleaning function removes any foods splatters with just water and heat.


Gold brown and crispy grilling in the microwave. Grill with self cleaning function. For gratin, casseroles or lasagna.


Unbeatable crispness. This Hotpoint Microwave's Crisp function and dedicated pan ensures you can cook the crispiest pizza, pie or quiche, anytime.


Cooking more recipes simultaneously is the great advantage offered by the new Flat Bed technology which optimises the space available, allowing you to position at the same time more dishes with different shapes and sizes on the microwave cavity bottom. Microwaves are released from the base of the oven and evenly distributed throughout the cavity thanks to the action of a spinning antenna. A perfectly designed system that guarantees excellent results every time.


The Automatic Cooking programs is the comprehensive range of preset recipes that allows you to prepare almost everything, from appetizer to dessert, by simply selecting the specific function. The microwave controls and automatically adjusts the cooking parameters according to the functions selected.


Keep food as warm and tasty as freshly cooked, mantaining the food at the ideal temperature of service.


For optimal proving of sweet or savoury dough. To maintain the quality of proving, do not activate the function if the oven is still hot following a cooking cycle.


  • Cooking type : MW+Grill function
  • Maximum micro-wave power (W) : 800
  • Type of grill : Heating element
  • Grill power (W) : 800


  • Height (cm) : 30.3
  • Width (cm) : 47.3
  • Depth (cm) : 38.4
  • Cavity depth (cm) : 32.1
  • Cavity height (cm) : 21.2
  • Cavity width (cm) : 29.1


  • Colour : Black
  • Capacity (l) : 20
  • Door opening mode : Hinged with handle
  • Display type : LED
  • Child lock
  • Voltage (V) : 220-230
  • Frequency (Hz) : 50
  • Plug type : Euro
  • Type of control : Electronic
  • Number of power levels : 6
  • Clock
  • Eco mode
  • Net weight (kg) : 14.1
  • EAN code : 5054645560257


  • Crisp
  • Auto cooking programs


  • Crisp plate
  • Grill grid