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Intel Core™ i9-11900K Unlocked Processor

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The 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i9-11900K has got fast clock speeds and high core counts which work seamlessly together to get more out of competetive gaming and content creation. This processor is unlocked and overclockable for you to be able to unleash extreme performance. The 11th Generations CPU's are compatible with most 400 and 500 series motherboards and support PCIe Gen 4, you can also take advantage of excellent memory speeds and great features like Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 and Intel Thermal Volocity Technology.
Engineered For Play
Balanced Performance optimised for gaming.

Made To Create
Easily push through complex content creation workloads.

Game For A Crowd
Maximise recording quality while maintaining in-game FPS.

Customised Performance
Advanced overvlocking controls for unlocked processors

PCIe Gen 4
Support for the latest discrete graphics and other PCIe devices.

Intel® Killer™ Wi-Fi 6/6e (Gig+) Technology
Automatically prioritizes play on your busy networks

Thunderbolt™ 4 technology
Fast connectivity to monitors and other peripherals
MPN: BX8070811900K
EAN: 5032037215008