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Intel Core I9-10980XE Extreme Processor


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The latest Intel Core i9 10980XE X Series processor is powered by 18 Cores and 36 Threads to address the simultaneous, compute-intensive demands of creators. The Intel Core X Series CPU’s allow flexible system configuration for specific creator usages, giving you access to 44 PCIe lanes, quad channel memory, plus support for Thunderbolt technology and high-speed SSD drives. The new X Series processors are fully unlocked and offer the power, and convenience of a full studio in your PC to help accelerate your creative work flow from start to finish.

- Improved Intel Turbo Boost Max Tech 3.0
- Intel Hyper Threading Technology
- Support for IA and memory overclocking
- All processor SKU's unlocked
- Enhanced full range BCLK overclocking
- 4 channel DDR4 2933MHz
- Support for Intel Optane memory
- Intel Rapid Storage Technology 17.x

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