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Light up your game with Kontrol Freek's Gaming Lights. Our USB -powered LED strip kit allows you to create an immersive and customizable lighting experience to complete your setup & even improve your picture quality. Personalize your look with multiple options for colors, effects, speeds & brightness as well as configurable length up to 12ft/3.6m (perfect for a 55in TV). Includes one USB Power Strip, seven 18in (45.7cm) LED strips & seven connectors. Use the connectors to build up the strips to the best length for your setup, up to 12ft/3.6m.

The 3M adhesive backing is flexible and safe for flat surface mounting so you can personalize your monitor, TV, console, desk, PC, walls & more! The in-line controller easily allows you to cycle through 20 colors, 9 effects, 5 brightness levels, & 5 speeds to find the perfect effect for your game.

Gaming Lights have performance benefits as well. In a darkened space, direct lighting of a display from the front or side introduces glare and haze, making the image look worse. By backlighting your display with Gaming Lights, the contrast ratio can be increased, making your picture look better and reducing strain on your eyes.

Gaming Lights can turn any corner safely & can be folded into a perfect 90-degree angle by folding at any KF icon. Includes 1 controller strip, 7 multi-color LED strips (18IN/45.7cm) & 7 connectors - configurable up to 12FT/3.6M - fits a 55in TV. USB-powered inline controller with low-heat, safe to touch, LED bulbs.

Easy to install 3M backing is flexible & safe for flat surface & edge mounting on PC, monitor, TV, console, desk, walls, and more. Personalize your setup by cycling through 20 colors, 9 effects, 5 brightness levels, and 5 speeds to find the perfect effect for your game. Apply to PC, monitor, TV, console, desk, walls and more.

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  • EAN: 850007079420.

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