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Lavazza Jolie Plus Coffee Machine


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Home coffee-making has hit a high in Lavazza’s Jolie Plus Coffee Machine. The ultimate in kitchen countertop chic, it makes café-style coffee as only these Italian coffee roasting experts know how.

Quietly Efficient

Compact in size, super-simple to use, and whisper quiet in operation, this clever little coffee maker uses Lavazza’s bespoke coffee capsules to create the perfect espresso or lungo coffee every time – there’s no compromise on flavour despite its diminutive size. Brilliant for small-space galley kitchens, or for people who like to keep worktop clutter to an absolute minimum, just a push of a button extracts a smooth, crema-topped espresso or longer lungo coffee for your drinking pleasure.

Easy to Use

In case you’re fixing a coffee before your brain is quite awake in the morning, pressing either of the buttons on top will wake up the Jolie Plus and activate the Thermoblock heater. To ensure you get just the right caffeine fix, the small button creates an espresso shot and the large button is for the longer lungo. Pre-set at 30ml and 100ml, you can re-programme the settings to suit your favourite coffee cups if you’d like more or less room for milk.

Voucher for trial pack Lavazza coffee capsules included

Included in the box is a voucher for a trial pack of Lavazza coffee capsules, which are a distillation of all Lavazza’s knowledge, experience and testing. Every year, they select the best beans from plantations all over the world, creating specialist blends to suit every occasion that are perfectly balanced with a distinctive flavour, aroma and body.



  • Simple push-button controls for espresso and lungo.
  • Adjustable cup rack to suit small and larger cups.
  • Efficient Thermoblock heating.
  • 10-bar pump pressure.
  • Clear water reservoir – so it’s easy to see when you need to top it up.
  • Energy-saving auto shut-off – programmable but pre-set at 9 minutes.
  • Drip tray, capsule chamber and dregs drawer are all dishwasher safe.

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