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Cozy Dozys Koala is the super soft and interactive cuddly Koala bear that is so playful and the perfect bedtime buddy. Kip the Koala responds to being tickled on its tummy and patted on its head. There's a soft blanket included to lovingly wrap around your bear and a toy pacifier to help soothe Kip to sleep. So soft and cuddly, Kip has over 25 different sounds and reactions! He loves to listen to a bedtime story. However, he never gets to hear the ending as Kip has fallen asleep before the end! Zzzz.

Over 25 sounds and reactions!

Interactive toy pacifier to soothe Kip.

Tickle me and I'll close my eyes and start to giggle!

Wrap me in my blanket and soothe me to sleep!

Includes demonstration batteries.

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