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Mad Catz® R.A.T. 1+ Optical Gaming Mouse

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R.A.T. 1+ Upgrade Your Gaming
Weighing in at a trim 60 grams, the R.A.T. 1+ is designed to cope with razer-fast reactions and precision accuracy. The signature adjustable palm rest allows the R.A.T. 1+ to quickly adapt to different styles of grip, while the smooth PTFE glide feet and non-slip surface texture provide comfort and speed when gamers need it most. In addition, the adjustable DPI offers manoeuvrability to match the gamer's preference.

Ultra Lightweight, Reducing Fatigue for Intensive Gaming
Weighing in at a trim 60 grams (excluding cable), the R.A.T. 1+ glides like it's floating on air. Ultra-lightweight design results in quicker movements, providing extreme comfort for a longer gaming session with minimal fatigue.

Adjusts to Your Grip
R.A.T. 1+ features the Mad Catz signature adjustable palm rest, so whether your grip is palm, claw, or finger-tip, R.A.T. 1+ can quickly adapt by adjusting its length to suit you. Ambidextrous by design, R.A.T. 1+ is always ready to play whether you need a right or left-handed gaming mouse.

PRO Slide Technology
R.A.T. 1+ features a perfect gliding experience and highly accurate precision. PRO Slide Technology includes PTFE feet which offer super low coefficient of friction for smooth and quick gliding. Both the left and right sides of R.A.T. 1+ are fashioned with non-slip surfaces for a steady grip and better maneuverability. In addition, 4 levels of DPI adjustability, provide gamers with their ideal speed, no matter what the genre of game.

Ultra Lightweight: only 60g
Adjustable palm rest, adjusts to your preferred grip
Super low friction PTFE feet for fast gliding action
Non-slip side texture provides a steady grip
4-level DPI adapts to gamers' preferred speed


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