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Miele TEH785WP Freestanding Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

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Packed with smart connectivity, eco-friendly, and time-efficient features, this tumble dryer from Miele makes short work of your laundry. A great size for large households, it's fitted with sensors that measure the amount of moisture in your clothes, adjusting drying time to make sure clothes never come out damp nor overdried. The AddLoad function comes in super handy if there's an odd sock that's gone astray, plus, for added peace of mind, it's been tested for the equivalent of 20 years' use, so you know it's built to last.

Heat pump venting
Heat pump dryers are the latest innovation in tumble dryer design. By passing hot, humid air from the dryer through a heat pump for re-use, this more modern version of a condenser dryer is great at conserving heat and using up to 50% less energy. Handy if you want to keep the bills down and don't mind emptying a water container every now and again.

Perfectly dried laundry every time
Miele’s innovative Perfect Dry system monitors the moisture level of laundry, adjusting the programme length to suit. Plus, if you live in a hard water area, it'll also track minerals in the water that would otherwise prevent sensors from detecting when a load is dry. So, your clothes will always be thoroughly dried and protected from damage by overheating.

Smart connectivity with miele@home
Say hello to a smarter drying experience. Using the Miele@Mobile app, you can start a programme while you’re out, and it’ll alert you when it’s finished. So, if you want to unload your clothes as soon as you’re back from work, it’s easy to start the drying from the office, and they’ll be ready just in time.

Pause the programme anytime
If the programme has already started and you’ve forgotten to pop something in the wash, the AddLoad function lets you pause the cycle and add that stray sock or shirt, so you won’t have to wait to get them clean. This also means you can remove items, like that hand-wash silk shirt you accidentally left in the basket.

FragranceDos adds a fresh smelling scent to laundry
Thanks to Miele’s FragranceDos system, your clothes will always smell of your favourite fragrances. It'll hold 2 different capsules at once, so if you prefer the Rose scent for bedsheets and Orient for your towels, you can simply switch between the two. And, as one capsule lasts for 50 cycles, you’ll get beautiful smelling fabrics for weeks.

Wool friendly drying
You’ll never have to think twice about throwing fluffy jumpers and knitted scarves into the dryer again. Not only will the wool programme protect your favourite woollens and stop them from shrinking, but it’ll leave them ready to wear again in no time too.

Built to last
All Miele appliances are tested to the equivalent of 20 years’ use, so you know they’ll last a lifetime. A washing machine is put through its paces, making sure it can wash for 10,000 hours – that’s 5 washes per week for 20 years. So, when you buy with Miele, you’ll always have a quality product that’s built to last.


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