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MSI Optix G27C7 Full HD 27" Curved LED Gaming Monitor

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Curved and borderless design

Get absorbed in your favourite games with the MSI Optix G27C7 Full HD 27" Curved LED Gaming Monitor.

Featuring a Full HD 27" screen, whether you fancy World of Warcraft or Fortnite, you can get more immersed in your gameplay visuals than ever before. The Optix G27C7 has a curved design that really brings your game to life, with almost no frame on the edges.

Get the upper hand

The Optix G27C7 has a 165 Hz refresh rate - perfect for racing, sports games and first-person shooters. So if the enemy is moving quickly, you'll still be able to pinpoint them without motion blur throwing off your aim.

Ultra-smooth visuals

Get smooth visuals with built-in AMD FreeSync Premium technology. Your monitor will automatically sync with your graphics card so your game looks great, with no lag, screen tearing or stuttering.

And the 1 ms response time eliminates choppy frame rates, so even the most visually demanding games won't be an issue.

MPN: 9S6-3CC61Q-009

EAN: 4719072779696