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Nuby Rapid Cool Bottle Flask

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New parents have so much to think about when the little one arrives and making a bottle is one of them. It sounds like a breeze but when your baby is hungry, they’ll let you know about it in great volume! When the pressure is on, it’s difficult to remember the NHS guidelines for preparing a formula feed, but we've got you covered.

RapidCool is the innovative new way to prepare a formula feed to NHS guidelines.

We’ve put all our energy and know-how into a game-changing formula feeding solution that rapidly cools down a feed in only 2 minutes*, so you’re always ready to serve. How does it work? It’s easy-peasy! Boil fresh water, measure formula powder, fill RapidCool with hot water, add formula powder, and mix well.

Simply wait for the digital display to show a green Nuby logo and dispense the feed into your sterilised baby bottle. A 120ml feed will be ready to serve in only 2 minutes*. No cold-water baths to cool a bottle down, no having to reheat a made-up bottle, no worrying about making a feed correctly.

Just a safe feed to NHS guidelines, day, night, or out and about. RapidCool is compact, stylish, and portable, perfect for transporting around or storing discretely. It’s also super easy to clean, making it the best all round solution for busy parents. designed for 90ml-240ml (3oz-8oz) feed sizes, you have the flexibility to increase feed sizes as your baby grows. *time varies between 2-5 minutes, depending on size of feed.

  • BABY BOTTLE READY IN 2 MINUTES: RapidCool cools your baby’s formula milk from boiling to the perfect temperature in just 2 minutes*, so you’re ready to feed when your baby needs.
  • CONFORMS TO NHS GUIDELINES: You can be sure the RapidCool is safe for you and your little one. It meets the NHS Guidelines on how to prepare your baby bottle safely.
  • NO FILTER: No complex set up, easy to clean, compact, and doesn’t require expensive replacement filters. Makes feeding time a breeze!
  • TRAVEL BOTTLE: Truly portable for preparing baby bottles on-the-go. Unlike bottle making machines, the RapidCool easily fits in most nappy change bags and no power supply is needed. Take it anywhere!
  • DAY AND NIGHT: Ready to serve night and day, the RapidCool is quiet and sleep-friendly, and perfect for when your baby wakes in the night

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