Panasonic ES-SL41 Milano 3 Blade Shaver


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Stylish Italian design with outstanding shaving results for the ultimate introduction to electric shaving. This Wet and Dry shaver for comfortable wet shaving with lather even in the shower. It is fast and gentle with sharp Triple Nano-Edge blades and revolutionary arc-shaped foil.

Panasonic’s three-blade Wet and Dry Milano electric shavers offer an alternative to the disposable razor. The ES-SL41 offers ergonomic design with soft rubber grip for speed, comfort and ease of use.


Nano Polished Inner Blades

Panasonic has developed a sharp durable blades by following the traditional Japanese swordsmith process of forging, quenching and polishing. The inner blades are sharpened using nano particle polishing technology to achieve a fine blade tip edge of 0.3 µm, reducing the cutting resistance by approximately half for fast, close shaving while remaining gentle to the skin.


Box Contains

1 x ES-SL41 Milano Wet & Dry shaver
1 x Charging stand
1 x User reference manual.

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