Polly Pocket Unicorn Party Surprise

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Pull the tab on the Polly Pocket Unicorn Party Surprise playset to see colourful confetti stream, revealing over 25 surprises. Explore a princess castle and a unicorn playset where Polly and Lila micro dolls can bounce on the bouncy house, rock on the seesaw and float on the rainbow cloud and unicorn floatie.

Many of the surprises have plug and play features to fit into the playset. Accessories include 2 unicorns and a carriage, a dragon, 2 swings and a balloon stand. Discover a necklace and ring, 2 tiaras, 2 princess skirts, 2 lollipops and more!

With Polly Stick technology, the micro dolls can stick anywhere on the playset. Place a sticker from on the compact and the dolls will stick wherever it’s placed. Colours and decorations may vary.

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