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Princess® 182065 Air Fryer & Dehydrator

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Healthy frying

Whip-up delicious fried food that's surprisingly heathy with the Princess 182065 Air Fryer & Dehydrator. It circulates hot air to cook all your favourite foods, so it uses little to no oil.

You can even use it to bake delicious cakes and bread for you and your family.


You can really impress your friends, and even yourself, with the dehydrator setting. From making fruit leather to homemade crisps, this features really lets you get creative with your cooking. 

Easy and safe to use

It's easy to select the temperature you need with the Air Fryer & Dehydrator's digital touchscreen. By using this you can choose between the pre-programmed settings, so all your food will be perfectly cooked.

The frying basket also features Cool Touch handles, which make it safer to remove from the fryer.