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Princess 353120 Smart Dehumidifier

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Does a certain room in your house always feel a bit clammy? Then the Princess Smart dehumidifier is for you. The Smart dehumidifier regulates the moisture content and ensures a pleasant climate in your home. Do you not have a dryer and you want your laundry to dry faster? The smart dehumidifier has a ‘laundry’ mode that makes your laundry dry faster. The dehumidifier can also be used as a fan. So it is also a lifesaver during the hot summer days.

Health problems due to high moisture content
A high moisture content in the house can have bad consequences for both your home and your health. If the humidity is too high, mold can develop which can cause health problems in the long term. The aggravation of asthma, rheumatism and allergy to dust mites are a few examples of this. The smart dehumidifier helps to prevent health problems by keeping the humidity level in the house on track. The ideal moisture content is between 40% and 60%.

Dehumidify the air via your smartphone
The Smart Dehumidifier can be operated via the HomeWizard Climate app. This app is available for Android, iOS and works with Google Assistant. Set different programs in the app and dehumidify the air at a distance. The app displays the humidity level of the room in which the device is located. If during work you see that the humidity is above 60%, turn on the dehumidifier, prevent mold and come home in a pleasant climate. In addition, a timer and schedule can also be set.

A pleasant climate 24 hours a day
With the Smart Dehumidifier you determine the climate in your home. Place the dehumidifier in the room and set one of the three programs. The device can minimize the humidity by means of the temperature in the room, you can enter the desired humidity percentage yourself or it can be set to automatic mode. In addition, the dehumidifier can be adjusted in high and low.

Useful extra programs
The Smart dehumidifier is not only very suitable for preventing health problems or creating a pleasant climate, it can also be used to dry the laundry extra fast. In "Laundry" mode, your laundry dries faster because the moisture is removed from the air, which causes your laundry to dry faster. So you never have to wait longer than a day before your laundry is dry. In addition, the dehumidifier also has a handy "Fan" mode. Is it warm in your bedroom during the summer? Set the quiet dehumidifier to "Fan" mode at night and enjoy a wonderful breeze while sleeping.

Scandinavian design
The Smart Dehumidifier is not only very practical, the device also fits into any interior. The modern and minimalist designed device has a hidden display. This means that when the device is not being used, you cannot see the moisture content percentage. When the device is switched on and used, the moisture content percentage will be shown on the front via LED. In addition, the smart device has a water tank indication. This way you can see when the water tank is full and needs to be emptied.

What's in the box:
Smart dehumidifier, manual

Reasons to choose the Princess 353120 Smart Dehumidifier:

  • Works with Google Assistant
  • Use the quiet air dehumidifier in 3 different settings to regulate the humidity level
  • Dry your laundry extra fast with the laundry mode
  • Scandinavian design that fits into any interior
  • Use the dehumidifier in damp rooms such as the basement, attic or bedroom

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EAN: 8713016093349