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Princess® 4.5L Smart Aerofryer

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Is the air fryer your favourite product in your kitchen? Then the air fryer really is something for you. This smart air fryer makes your life a lot easier. Search for a delicious recipe on, send the temperature and baking time through the app to the air fryer and the only thing you need are the ingredients. This way you can easily make your favourite recipe on the same temperature and baking time. The air fryer offers all the conveniences of a normal air fryer but with extra smart functionalities. All functionalities of a normal air fryer. Thanks to the convenient pre-programmed settings you can easily select the right temperature and baking time for different kinds of food. The air fryer has 8 pre-programmed settings for fries, meat, chicken, bread and cake. So, the air fryer does not only have to be used for baking fries or snacks. Easy to use the digital screen and the app make selecting the right temperature and program very easy. Because of the adjustable timer and overheating protection, the smart fryer is easy and safe to use. The removable basket makes serving easy.


  • Control the temperature and baking time with your phone
  • Save recipes and send them to the aero fryer
  • Press the 'keep warm' button in the app if you're not quite ready for food
  • Set personal presets, for example for perfectly cooked fries

Product Details

  • Primary Material: Stainless steel
  • Oil Capacity In Litres: 4.5L
  • Fry Basket Included: Yes