Princess® Master Juicer Pro

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Pressing citrus fruit like oranges become easy with this juicer. This powerful citrus press has a handle and a stainless-steel press cone and pulp filter. Also, it has a capacity of 300 watts, so you can squeeze all citrus fruit small or large, even pomegranates! Buy citrus juicer for all citrus fruit. Buying a citrus press for all citrus fruit sounds simple but is more difficult than you think. Many citrus presses are made of plastic and so less suitable for all citrus. With the juicer, you don't have to worry about this. Thanks to the strong stainless-steel material and the adjustable pulp filter, it is suitable for every size of citrus; from lime to pomegranate. Professional orange press. The juicer is equipped with a lever so you can squeeze citrus fruit easily and quickly. Perfect if you need a lot of glasses of fresh juice in a short time. So this professional orange press is ideal for use in the hospitality industry or on occasions where a lot of fruit has to be pressed.