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Revlon RVSP3537 Ultimate Glow Facial Steamer


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Enjoy a relaxing facial sauna treatment with the new Revlon Ultimate Glow Facial Steamer for a deep skin cleansing and hydration.

Ideal for your weekly beauty routine. Boosted with UV technology, this facial steamer has a timer function with 2 settings (15 min or 20 min) for complete versatility and ease of use.

The steam temperature reaches up to 45°C for better moisture replenishment and skin cleansing .

The adjustable nozzle with 3 directions help you better direct the steam on forehead, nose area or chin.

It features an easy removable and pouring tank and it's so compact in size  that you can store it easily everywhere.


  • Ultimate glow facial steamer
  • UV technology
  • 2 Functional settings
  • Up to 45°C temperature settings
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Easy removable tank

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