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Russell Hobbs Attentiv 26230 Filter Coffee Machine

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Just right for everyone

The Attentiv Coffee Bar is a multi-talented addition to your kitchen collection. Not only can it make strong black, milky latte-style and frothy cappuccino-style coffee, it can do cold brews too. Its barista-style capabilities allow you to set it to the coffee strength that’s perfect for you whether that’s mellow or full bodied. It’ll even remember how strong you like it.

Strength and Size Personalised

The Attentiv Coffee Bar gives you the power to personalise it your way with strength and cup size settings. You can switch up your coffee to full-bodied or tune it down to mellow. Whether you just want a mug or you fancy filling a carafe, it’ll make just the amount you want.

Milk Frother

Our Attentiv Coffee Bar’s Milk Frother helps you to achieve long milky coffees or cappuccino-style coffees so you can make the perfect coffee to suit your mood.

Touch Screen Control

An easy to keep clean, touch screen interface means you’re only a few taps away from your perfect coffee. Just set your preference and it’ll remember it for next time too.

Cold Brew Function

The Attentiv Coffee Bar doesn’t just make hot drinks. Thanks to our filter accessory and Cold Brew function, you can show off your inner barista and by making your own cold brew! After dispensing the cold water, just leave the carafe at room temperature, or pop into the fridge for 12-24 hours to steep the coffee flavours so your brew is just how you like it. Then, remove the filter and grounds from the carafe, and your cold brew is ready– plus, it can keep for up to 2 weeks.

MPN: 26230