Samsung® MS23T5018AC 23L Solo Microwave

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Fits perfectly into your interior, will satisfy every taste
Choose a microwave oven that matches your kitchen design perfectly and suits your taste. Enhance your kitchen with elegant designs and a wide selection of stylish colours.

Defrost food faster and more efficiently
Quick defrost

Defrost food more efficiently with the quick defrost function. Just select the food and weight to calculate the optimal time * to defrost the food without losing its beneficial properties.* Based on internal tests carried out using the EAC methodology.

More style with a new design
Glass Touch Design & Simple UX Interface

Enjoy simple, intuitive one-touch controls and an eye-catching, minimalist design. There are only 6 touch buttons on the front panel. Made entirely of glass, they look perfect on the microwave for a minimalist design.

BIOceramic coating - 10 years warranty
BIOceramic is not covered with scratches and cracks, due to this, and the smooth surface is easy to clean. The bioceramic coating is approved by the Hohenstein Institute, the durable surface is 99.9% resistant to bacteria. The wear resistance and durability of the ceramic coating makes it 7 times more resistant to scratches and rust. Thus, maintaining coverage over long term use.

Perfect cooking
Three-circuit distribution system

The unique and innovative microwave distribution system helps you achieve greater cooking progress. Microwaves are distributed in 3 directions thanks to three antennas inside the oven. Microwaves penetrate food at different angles, resulting in a better cooking experience.

Key Features

  • 800W max microwave power
  • 6 power levels
  • Large 23L capacity
  • Ceramic interior for easier cleaning
  • 288mm turntable