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Tefal® HB643140 Optichef Quartzite Hand Blender

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Optimum Flow, Optimum Performance

With its specially-designed bell-shaped head and sharp blades, the slim and lightweight Tefal Optichef hand blender makes blending a breeze. It’s anti-splash too, to help keep your kitchen clean.

This powerful 800W hand blender has 20 different speeds, plus turbo, to cover every blending possibility. For added versatility, Optichef comes with three accessories. There’s an 800ml blending beaker that’s great for mixing up single servings or small batches; a balloon whisk for whipping up cream or egg whites in a flash; and a 500ml mini chopper for chopping herbs, meats and more.

Good to know: the blending wand and accessories are all dishwasher safe for easy clean-up. Plus, Tefal assures that Optichef will be repairable for 10 years, so this hand blender is in it for the long haul.

Optimum Flow

A bell-shaped head and two extra-sharp blades work together to pull ingredients in, ensuring the optimum flow of food for effortless, even blending.

Powerful Processing

Powered by a durable 800W motor for long-lasting performance, the mighty Tefal Optichef hand blender makes light work of any kind of food prep.

No-Mess Mixing

Optichef’s clever anti-splash design helps to keep you and your kitchen clean. Just keep the blender upright and the foot immersed during use.

Comfort in Use

Slim and lightweight, the Optichef hand blender has a soft, non-slip handle for comfort and blending control – even when your hands are wet.

20 Speeds for Precision Blending

With 20 speeds to choose from, the Tefal Optichef hand blender will meet all your blending needs.

To adjust the speed, simply turn the speed dial on the top of the handle. It’s so easy to use, you can do it one-handed and you don’t even need to turn off the blender. Just turn the dial as you go, until you achieve the precise consistency you want.

The Tefal Optichef hand blender also has an additional turbo button for when your mix needs an extra boost. You’ll find it on the handle, beneath the power button, in easy reach whenever you need it.

Batch Blending

Optichef comes with an 800ml plastic beaker that’s ideal for blending small batches or single-serve smoothies. Just blend up your ingredients, pop in a straw and drink it straight from the beaker. A handy pouring lip makes it great for pouring batters directly into a hot pan.

Easy Whisking

For even greater versatility, the Tefal Optichef hand blender also comes with a multi-wire balloon whisk accessory. Simply replace the blending wand with the whisk attachment and use your Optichef to whip up cream, beat egg whites, whisk up batters and more.

Speedy Chopping

The 500ml mini chopper is a great little time-saver. Use it to chop nuts, spices and herbs, dice onions (without being reduced to tears!), grind coffee, blitz breadcrumbs and more – all in a fraction of the time it would take to do it by hand.