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Tristar® KA-5067 Oil Filled Radiator


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Is it always so cold in your study room? With the Tristar KA-5067 Oil-filled radiator this is history. This Oil radiator has 7 ribs and is therefore quite compact and easy to move. The electric oil radiator can be used in 3 different heat settings. This way you always effortlessly set the perfect temperature at home.

3 different heating settings
The Tristar Oil Radiator has 3 different heat settings so that you can always set the perfect temperature with the use of the adjustable thermostat. The first heat setting contains 600 watts, so you can heat your room with less energy spend. Heat setting two uses 900 watts, thus finding a balance between the use of energy and temperature. The latter consumes 1500 watts and ensures that you do not have to wait long until your room is warm. Ideal for use in the bedroom, living room or study room.

Compact and easy to move
The electric Oil Radiator is easy to move due to its flexible castors and integrated handles. In addition, it is also very compact, so it fits in any room. It is also easy to store in the attic or in the cupboard if you do not need it.

Overheating and fall-over protection
The Oil Radiator is safe to use due to its overheating and fall -over protection. This makes it ideal to use it with the entire household. Leave the room without worry when using the radiator due to the overheating protection. In addition, the radiator is very stable and will never be able to tip or fall over.

What do you find in the box?
Tristar Oil Radiator, manual

Reasons to choose the Tristar KA-5067 Oil Radiator:

  • Compact to store and easy to move
  • Has 3 heat settings so you always set a perfect temperature
  • Has overheating and tip-over protection
  • Fits in every room such as bedroom, living room and study room

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