Tristar® AC-5410BS 10 Litre Dehumidifier


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Powerful, efficient and silent

The Tristar AC-5410BS dehumidifier is 280 Watt and produces an airflow of 150 m3/h making it suitable for use in rooms up to 20 m2. At just 42 dB this unit is produces very little noise making it ideal for use in your home. The dehumidifier features a 2 litre water reservoir which will automatically turn off when the tank is full. The unit dehumidifies at a rate of 0.42 L/h or 10 L/d. When full, the tank can easily be detached from the unit and emptied. The dehumidifier features a LED display which with you can turn it on and off. The display also features a humidistat which shows the humidity level of the room.

Portable with swivel wheels and integrated handle

The dehumidifier is fully portable with integrated easy swivel wheels and carrier handle. With total dimensions of 18.5 x 27.6 x 48 cm and weight of 9.5kg the unit is easy to move between rooms and store when not in use!

The benefits of optimal humidity in your home

The recommended humidity range in living spaces for comfort and well-being is between 40% and 60%. A high moisture content in your home can be bad both your home and your health. If the humidity is too high, mould may develop in your walls and ceiling which can lead to expensive structural damage, and can also affect your health in the long term. The aggravation of asthma, rheumatism and allergies to dust mites are a few examples of this. The smart dehumidifier helps to prevent these health problems by keeping the humidity level in your home at an ideal level.

Ideal for use living spaces, washrooms, storage rooms, boats, caravans and mobile homes!

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