Vax TBT3V1P2 Blade Ultra Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


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The Vax TBT3V1P2 Blade Ultra Cordless Vacuum Cleaner allows you to clean the whole of your home effortlessly thanks to its lightweight design. You will be able to easily carry it around the home or even out to the car and effortlessly reach those hard spots which you may not have been able to reach with your old vacuum.

Thanks to the detachable handheld unit you will be able to clean the stairs, car and your upholstery with little effort. There is also the cleaning wand which is ideal for reaching both high and low areas to give your home the ultimate clean.

The Vax Blade Ultra uses Helix technology which helps to maximise efficiency and also performance. It works by creating a direct air path from the floor to help ensure that all dirt is picked up. If you happen to get an extra dirty area in your home then the Boost Mode is perfect, it will instantly increase the power of the vacuum.

This Vax offers an impressive battery life also, it has enough power to deliver up to 45 minutes of cleaning time on a single charge. This ensures you can clean your whole home without having to worry about needing to recharge your vacuum. You can easily track the level of your battery using the unique control dial.

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