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Veho Cave Smart Home Starter Kit

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The Cave Smart Home Starter Kit, with a dedicated App, allows you and your family to remotely control and view your home security system. Set or disarm the Cave system from anywhere in the world using the intuitive Cave app. Cave is easy to set up and expand using a QR code system you can securely add accessories to your system.

Cave can connect using a wireless, wired or mobile network.

Free app - No monthly charges

Cave is fully App controlled, set alarms when away from home or add an IP camera to your system and view your home remotely. The Cave App is free, there are no monthly charges for using the App

Easy bolt on

Cave is modular, using a secure barcode system, you can add unlimited Cave accessories to your starter kit. Accessories can be paired to the App in minutes


Cave is wireless, easy to set up and use. The starter kit includes everything you need to start your smart home alarm. Cave works over wifi or a backup SIM card, should the wifi go offline (SIM card not included)


Enabling ‘Anti-Interference’ will cause the alarm to trigger if the system detects interference signals


Timed Tasks allow you to add a scheduled or daily task. For instance, setting a schedule for the system to arm at 10pm

Learn Mode

The Learn Mode allows you to add accessories to your existing Cave system in a matter of minutes

  • Wireless security and monitoring
  • App for iOS and Android
  • Up to 99 accessories


EAN: 5060594760082