Wahl Flex Cordless Vibration Massager


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The Wahl Flex Cordless Vibration Massager has unique attachments to reach everyday tensions, providing comfort and relaxation. With a flexible neck that conforms to body contours to target specific areas. Enjoy a full body massage with a flexible neck that adjusts to your body contours to target specific areas and reach deep into the muscle. Vibration movements target stress and tension. Ideal for face, scalp, neck, shoulders, back, legs, arms, hands, feet, and joints. The motor is situated in the top of the unit to provide maximum vibration for the massage with minimal vibration in the hand. The lightweight and slim design ensures the massager is easy to handle with up to 6,000 vibrations per minute enabling enough power for a soothing and comforting massage. Cordless capability makes it convenient to use at any time anywhere, with up to 120 minutes cordless run time from a single charge.


Box Contains:

Flex Cordless Vibration Massager
Soft zippered storage case
Storage stand
7 attachments
Instruction booklet

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